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Buyers Behold and Believe!.

Buyers Behold and Believe!.

August 15, 2016
DeValdivielsoTeam Home Sales

Buyers Behold and Believe!

This is a great time to purchase your next home and create your own version of the American dream. Homeowners have their well-cared for homes on the market and are moving on, leaving the door open for the next family to move in and live in this wonderful community. It is paradise on earth!

The quality of life that our community offers begins with great weather, no state taxes on income, wonderful academic institutions throughout, cultural events and locations, parks for all, a small town feeling, boating less than a couple of miles away, direct flights to most places on earth…and yes, the weather. So nice you have to mention it twice!

It is clear that homeowners have received the message and made the adjustments. The upgrades on the homes and their pricing are aligned with fair market value based on recent sales. Come see for yourself. There are beautiful homes available for purchase and the owners are motivated to sell.

Mortgage rates are historically low and make it affordable to buy in the perfect neighborhood.

On top of that there are tax benefits when you own a home.

The economy is stable, people are working, more jobs are coming to Miami and home values are affordable when compared to other large metropolitan areas. Ask any Californian, New Yorker, New Englander, Chicagoan or Torontonian. Their experience in those markets makes our market seem like a bargain.

Renters have a great opportunity to buy as well. Rental rates are relatively high in Miami. A one bedroom, one-bathroom unit on Brickell can rent for upwards of $3,000 per month. That same monthly payment can buy a house in the mid $400’s with just 5% down payment and a high credit score. Sellers may be willing to consider offering financial incentives that will help buyers realize the purchase of the new home. If the net proceeds that the sellers will gain makes sense to them, then it’s likely they will work with you. Ask, you may be pleased with the response.

In all price points there are good deals for buyers. The luxury homes listed here are very special and can accommodate a very comfortable life-style. Come and see the experience they offer.

It’s like a smorgasbord for buyers with a cherry on top!

The juice that motivates people to work hard flows freely in our community. It’s evident in the amount of activity in the economy and the number of buyers purchasing homes. Hard working people lavishing in their respective reality is one of the measures of quality of life.

Brilliant young and old people with bright eyes and clear dreams abound. So many blessings, too many to enumerate. Very grateful for them all.

Carpe diem!


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