Support Family Run Businesses in Your Community.

July 25, 2016

Support Family Run Businesses in Your Community

Family run businesses in our community are always at the ready to deliver excellent customer service to their patrons. It’s the lifeline of the business that makes it sustainable for years to come.

Families depend directly on the business for their income that then gets injected back into the local economy when buying goods and services. Kids and adults use the infrastructure that our great community provides. This includes, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, parks, movie theaters, retailers and all you can think of. They generate federal income tax, state taxes and property taxes for the local municipality. The home where these families live contribute with property taxes as well.

Families care about each other and are willing to go the extra mile with their business to help one another. It’s refreshing to speak with a vendor that listens and responds without the use of scripts to address the issue.

They can adapt to the individual circumstance and do what is right with autonomy in decisions. That right there is one reason why family run businesses will always have a market, the ability to make decisions at market speed.

Another benefit is that you can depend on family members to deliver complete service, it’s inherent. There is built-in accountability to ensure that.

The marketing that promotes the business creates accountability with the community to deliver on the promise of excellent customer service. Right?

Generational long term service provides real-life opportunities to demonstrate shared values, work ethic and the consequences of every day decisions and actions.

It shows the next generation how to work and make an honest living that then allows them to set realistic goals for their future. A family that works together wins together and shares challenges when they come. This creates different perspectives with the same end goal but with no hidden agenda nor politics. It gives transparency and trust in each other to do whatever has to be done, rain or shine. The juice that propels the business comes from the very basic need to provide for each other, now and in the future. A veritable raison d’être (purpose of being).

Recently, we had the pleasure to work with a family that has been in the same business for nineteen generations. They have just moved here and are setting up their business. Welcome!

Families that own businesses also care about the community by giving time, talent and treasure. They show community care by contributing with leadership at committees or social groups in town, including coaching sports teams, organizing fund raising, participating in local council meetings, donating to charities and actively engaging with others for the improvement of quality of life.

It takes a village to raise a child and we’re blessed to live in an area where people help each other. Sometimes random opportunity gives strangers a chance to teach a simple lesson. There are more people doing good than there is the opposite. Look and see for yourself.

We do need family time and to keep separate the conversations about the business. That is a challenge in and of itself. Our standard is to not discuss business after 7PM, which usually happens. We recognize that when we are blessed with business it is part of our job to have down time that allows us rest that then gives us the energy and clarity of mind to deliver on our promise of excellent service.

90 years after its inception The Keyes Company, Realtors continues to deliver services to you in South Florida. Truly dedicated to and dependent of the local market. A Miami family owns and operates the company that then contributes right back to the local community.

The DeValdivielso Team is part of this company and we are now into our second generation and counting…

Thank you for your support!


Frank DeValdivielso, a member the Miami FL Team and The Keyes Company, is based out of 2423 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information you can reach Frank at his office, 786.378.8450, or cell: 786.273.8507. You can also email him at and please be sure to visit for the latest listing and news regarding real estate.


DeValdivielso Team Realtors.

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